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Creating Website Design / Organization

Define Blocks

 Blocks can contain

functions (polls, calendar, navigation, List of up commings events, Subscribe to Newsletters)
Informations (messages fixe or rotated, selection of views) (admin/structure/blocks)
Photos or pictures (fixed, animated)

Blocks can be changed by anyone (with sufficient authorization) in two sec.
Blocks can be created by anyone with sufficient knowledge or training


Informations can be published in many different way.
Book page/page/blog/event...

A book page is similar to a page but is structured like books with ordered pages (chapter if you prefer)
A page is basically alone, no page after or before. But it can be linked to a book after being published if needed.
The first time you want to create a book is simple. The title of the book is the first page published.
Blog are not activated, they are used to be published like logs, ordered by date of publication.
Event, you guessed are here to create an event. Event can have beginning and ending date and time. They are visible in calendars and can be "signing for " activated.

All have the same basic informations. They are considered as "node" that's the term. A node have basic information whatever they are (page, book, event...)

Title (mandatory but not unique)
Body (text, pictures...)
Date/name of publication
Input format (just text -  html formated text that allow bold, bullets... - PHP Code to perform programming inside a node, not for beginners)
Publishing options like Place of publication (front page, primary link, secondary link...)

Optional informations 

revision information of page activated
date/time of event
who can see/modify/delete
Linked in a book
Linked to a menu
Primary/secondary link
File attachments
Printer/email/pdf allowed
Comments settings (allowed/read only...)
Path settings (by default a node is reached in your web browser like or with number automatically created each time someone publish a node by clicking on the save button bellow. So if you want your page being acceded directly like you have to specify mypagename as the url.
Translation settings 
Authoring information (name and date of publisher)

That's a quick overview of publishing a node/page. This is not a tutorial or a training about web.


Functions that have to be implemented 

 Publics functions :

Presentation of SSC members (who, picture, what...)
Presentation of functions (who's doing what)
Presentation of actions (past/present) Rail

Minutes of previous meetings

Agenda for next meeting
Proposal for topics to discuss and action to take

survey on appreciation for SSC and actions took/Quality of organisation/room

By signing in the website you sign legal agrement and have to read the SSC policy

Splash page with special reminder that popup at each new connexion


What can be done :

Free discussion forum (if someone think it's useful, it's two mouse clic to open forum)

Newsletter to inform members and/or public of actions and voting information

Annual inline survey. We can decide in group of the question/timming of survey. (once a year...) It's automatic, simple and results are directly accessible by authorised person by email or xl sheet.

Automatic reminder for people that have forget to vote.


Private Area

Current action and rail about SSC

Report of each task group member 

on line presentation and documents for preparation of tutorial/events.

Calendar with signup process for ssc webex

Champions list

Email of members

whatever we need



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